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16 Years of Safety Excellence: Delivering Quality at Its Finest in Safety Consultancy!

With a proud legacy spanning 16 years, our commitment to safety excellence has been unwavering. At the heart of our success is a relentless dedication to delivering quality in safety consultancy. Throughout this journey, we have consistently upheld the highest standards, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the finest in safety services. Our track record speaks for itself, showcasing years of expertise, innovation, and a steadfast focus on creating environments that prioritize safety above all else. As we look back on our accomplishments, we remain steadfast in our mission to continue setting the benchmark for safety consultancy, embracing the challenges of the future with the same passion that has defined us for the past 16 years.

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Manual Handling

CRSafetyTraining  help employers and employees attain the manual handling skills they need to comply with legislation. Manual handling training is an ideal course for any person involved in the movement of loads.

Abrasive Wheels

CRSafetyTraining offer general abrasive wheels training courses for individuals looking to educate themselves on how to mount and operate abrasive wheels such as angle grinders, bench grinders and con-saws

Working at Heights

CRSafetyTraining  provide working at heights training to ensure individuals who are required to work at heights understand how to protect themselves and others when at work.

Chemical Safety

CRSafetyTraining  provide Chemical safety courses to enable participants to develop the knowledge and skills they need to increase their health and safety competency and awareness

Health & Safety Training

CRSafetyTraining  provide health and safety courses to enable participants to develop the knowledge and skills they need to increase their health and safety competency and awareness

First Aid Training

CRSafetyTraining offers comprehensive first aid training courses designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their competency and awareness in responding to emergencies and ensuring workplace safety

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Safety training in the pharmaceutical industry is a critical aspect of ensuring a secure and compliant work environment. This specialized training equips employees with the knowledge and skills to handle hazardous materials, operate complex machinery safely, and adhere to stringent regulatory guidelines. With a focus on risk mitigation and emergency preparedness, pharmaceutical safety training plays a vital role in safeguarding both personnel and the integrity of pharmaceutical processes.

Safety training in the utilities industry is paramount for fostering a culture of hazard awareness and prevention. This specialized training addresses the unique risks associated with utilities operations, including electrical hazards, confined space entry, and machinery operation. Through comprehensive programs, employees gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate potential dangers, use safety equipment effectively, and adhere to industry-specific protocols. Ensuring a safe work environment in the utilities sector not only protects the well-being of personnel but also contributes to the reliability and sustainability of critical infrastructure.

Safety training in the manufacturing industry is a fundamental component for fostering a secure work environment and preventing accidents. This specialized training addresses the diverse hazards present in manufacturing settings, including machinery operation, chemical handling, and ergonomic considerations. Employees undergo comprehensive programs to enhance their awareness of safety protocols, emergency response procedures, and the proper use of personal protective equipment. By instilling a safety-conscious mindset, manufacturing safety training not only safeguards the well-being of workers but also contributes to the efficiency, productivity, and overall success of the manufacturing process.

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